Sunrise Sessions

​Sunrise sessions are designed to get you up and moving, exercise the mind, and challenge how we do things.  

Topics include practical aspects of team and systems management, infection prevention, and transport, through to peripheral intravenous line insertion.  

Come and listen to experienced practitioners in our field describe how they do things, and then weigh in with your opinions and insights.  

These topics are the fundamentals of critical care, and an opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other.

Preliminary Program for Sunrise Sessions​


How to set up a safety programDefining the problem
Communicating the problem
Understanding work around​
Tracking success
Nursing Essentials Session 1: 
Our services
Work with patients and families: give them what they want
Staff a pediatric critical care nursing service
Run a critical care outreach service
How to optimize a Pediatric Transport ServiceTriage of calls
Life or limb
Road or air
Training, briefing and debriefing
Equipment and limitations
Staying alive and staying in touch
How to organize resuscitation teamsWhat’s the big deal?
Who is in the team?
Who manages / leads?
What are the training expectations?
Standardizing drugs and equipment
Time matters


Preventing unplanned healthcare acquired infectionsHAI - The developing world perspective 
How to prevent CLABSI 
How to prevent CAUTI 
How to prevent VAPs 
Controlling the environment 
Keeping hands clean
How to secure and maintain IV access in the PICUVenous Health
Back to the basics to improve vascular access outcomes across paediatric critical care.
The role and risks of peripherally inserted central catheters in the PICU.
Starving the vampires: blood conservation strategies in the PICU.
Evidence-based solutions or "smoke and mirrors": new innovations in vascular access.
How to organize a pediatric trauma teamTriage of trauma
Pitfalls for pit crews
Organizing the team
Keeping the lines of communication open
Following through
How to optimize NUTRITION in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitEarly versus Late Feeding
Enteral versus Parenteral 
NG versus ND 
Caloric Restriction in the PICU 
Metabolic Carts in the PICU 
Nutrition and Immunomodulation
Nursing essentials Session 2:  – Core business for pediatric critical care nursesThe critically ill child with neurological injury: assessment & management.
Management of the critically ill infant with bronchiolitis 
Oral care for the mechanically ventilated child


How to prepare for difficult conversationsSetting the scene
Understanding the circumstances
In the moment
The unit is heaving!  How to manage capacity and care……Problem of ICU surge
Can this be measured and predicted
Surge management 
Supporting staff
Staying strong
How to measure our performanceHow we prevent medication errors reaching the patient
How we prevent pressure ulcer and skin injury
How we prevent unplanned readmissions to the ICU
How we prevent unplanned extubations
Nursing essentials Session 3:  – Early intervention, resuscitation and life supportRecognising the deteriorating child 
Pediatric cardio-pulmonary arrest 
ECMO essentials

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